Recycling Program

Our recycling program is a closed loop scheme which allows Argent customers to return their pre-loved, unwanted or broken jewellery in exchange for a store credit.

Please note, we are not yet recycling in-house, therefore heirloom and sentimental pieces cannot be redesigned into new creations at this stage.

No Gemstones: At this stage we will not be taking pieces with gemstones unless you are not wanting to salvage/recuperate said stone (if it is cracked, broken or not of high value).

Minimum Weights:
9CT GOLD = 3g

Please post your item to the address below and we will contact you once we have processed your recycling with an estimate of combined value. - please allow 3-4 weeks

Argent Silversmith Recycling
PO Box 229, Tawonga South, VIC 3698