recycled + ethical

all sterling silver and fine silver wire and sheet used to make Argent pieces are made from 100% recycled silver, manufactured by a local supplier within Australia 

the 9K and 18K solid gold wire and sheet are made with a combination of recycled metals and sustainably and ethically mined pure gold

all silver and gold scraps are recycled for reuse so there is zero wastage of precious materials

the gemstones are sourced from ethical and sustainable sources or lab grown/manmade`

carbon offsetting

reducing waste and minimising our carbon output is primordial at Argent - every piece is made by hand in a carbon neutral powered workshop, using a minimal amount of electricity and gas.

At Argent we calculate our carbon footprint yearly in order to offset it through financing rewilding and reforestation programmes within Australia and worldwide.


the aim for Argent packaging is for it to be reusable, recyclable, recycled and ethically produced - you can reuse your cotton bags to store jewellery or precious possessions, the recycled cardboard boxes to send or offer gifts to loved ones; and recycle or reuse the paper, cardboard and tissue paper.

All of our postal satchels are compostable or reusable, created from plants by the amazing Better Packaging Co and powered by solar energy.

repairs & recycling scheme


If you have purchased an Argent Silversmith piece, we will repair it at no cost for life (at our discretion) - we believe that our jewellery is timeless and hope you cherish your pieces forever, which is why we will repair it at no extra cost besides postage (again, at our discretion) - if your piece is twisted, worn, has snapped, we can fix it for you!

Replacement gemstones or missing parts of a piece will be charged at cost.


We are finally launching a recycling scheme for you unused, old, unfixable, unloved jewellery! This closed loop scheme allows Argent customers to return their pre-loved jewellery in exchange for a store credit.

Please note, we are not yet recycling in house, therefore heirloom and sentimental pieces cannot be redesigned into new creations at this stage.

follow this link to find out more about repairs & recycling