Argent mamas

At Argent Silversmith we are a team of local (to the Kiewa Valley) women handcrafting your unique and made-to-order jewellery and running this little label.
Meet some of the amazing mamas who work at Argent Silversmith:


The lovely Steph started working at Argent about 10 months ago - she is our admin, packaging and customer service wizz, and if you've ever enquired about anything you've probably had the pleasure of chatting to her.
Steph and her little family moved to Tawonga South just over a year ago, she has two gorgeous girls, Leni, 3 years old and Vali, 2 years old - as Steph says "life is really busy!". They moved to the Kiewa Valley from Albury for a country change, the whole family are avid snowboarder and mountain bike lovers. 
We love having Steph on our team and love getting the occasional unplanned visits from her girls 
"work doesn't feel like work with the Argent girls, there are so many laughs!" 
Steph is a gold girl and her favourite Argent pieces are the paperclip chain, classic hoops & rectangle signet ring.


Amelia has been working at Argent for a year now, she is the in-house master jeweller, having 10+ years experience working at a jeweller in Melbourne and creating her own custom engagement and wedding ring designs. Her work mainly centres around the gemstone collections- Stone setting & sharing her knowledge where she can. 
Amelia moved to the valley from Melbourne about 2 years ago and has a beautiful 6 year old daughter Eleanor.
Amelia is a dreamboat and we would be lost without her here at Argent
“The girls at Argent are not only workmates, but friends too! I love being a part of the team & surrounded by their creativity, kindness & all the laughs!”
Amelia is a gold girl and her favourite Argent pieces are the marguerite hoops, the mini moon necklace and the rectangle gemstone signet


Bree has been working at Argent since pre-Christmas '22, she is an absolute machine and does a lot of the stone-setting prep work as well as learning (very fast) to silversmith. Bree has two little ones, Van who is 8 and River, 11, they spend a lot of time together skating, mountain biking and snowboarding - she was a stay at home mama until she started work with us at Argent and is loving the challenge!
Bree is such an incredible person to work with, we are very lucky to have her on our team!
"I am loving the challenge and reward of learning new skills every week and making a piece from scratch with my own hands"
Bree is a long time Argent fan and her favourites are the daisy and loveheart collections.


Nuria started working at Argent late last year, she lives in Bright but is originally from Spain - Nuria did a silversmithing course while she was pregnant and fell in love with the craft, she has been working hard to refine her skills here with us as well as at her home studio. Nuria has a gorgeous little 1 year old Milla to whom she speaks Catalan and goes adventuring with on the cargo bike. 
Working at Argent allows her to spend a lot of time with my daughter and have a perfect family-work balance, seeing her grow and having time for her.
Nuria is a ray of sunshine and has been an amazing addition to the team.
"Being at Argent is fun and the work days go by so quickly. Always something new to learn and something new to make. And that's what I love the most"
Nuria's favourite Argent pieces are the silver gemstone hoops and the personalised collection.
We love having such incredible mamas working at Argent