"Argent jewellery is about creating unique, wearable pieces with the least impact on the earth"

Argent jewellery is imagined, designed and handmade by Elizabeth and her small team in her studio in the foothills of the Australian Alps.

Inspired by nature and the beauty of pure metal, Argent jewellery is about creating unique, wearable pieces - privileging peculiarity over tradition, beauty over conformity. Every piece is created for the wearer, bespoke and unique. 

Each piece is created by hand, from sawing, and sanding to buffing and soldering. Every ring, pendant, earring and bangle is created according to the unique interaction between colour and texture, contour and shape. 

The metals used are recycled and of Australian origin, the pearls, opals and gemstones were selected carefully with knowledge of sourcing and ethical production.