Recycling Program

Our recycling program is a closed loop scheme which allows Argent customers to return their pre-loved, unwanted or broken jewellery in exchange for a store credit.

How it Works

1. Place Your Order: Fill out the form below to get started.

2. Send Us Your Jewellery: Once we receive your order, we’ll email you our return address. Package your items securely and send them to us. We recommend using a tracked service and insuring the package for peace of mind.

3. Assessment: We will weigh and assess your jewellery. This process typically takes 2-3 weeks.

4. Get Your Valuation: After the assessment, we’ll email you with the total value of your jewellery.

5. Choose Your Option:

Proceed with a Gift Card: If you’re happy with the valuation, we’ll send you a gift card for the total amount.

Return Your Jewellery: If you decide not to proceed, we’ll return your items to you. You’ll just need to cover the processing fee and return postage.

Buy Back Rates

Please note that rates frequently change and could be different by the time your order is processed

Metal Value
Sterling Silver $0.28
9ct Gold $0.31
10ct Gold $0.38
12ct Gold $0.44
14ct Gold $0.56
18ct Gold $0.69
22ct Gold $0.75

Important Notes

No Redesigns
We are not yet recycling in-house, therefore heirloom and sentimental pieces cannot be redesigned into new creations at this stage.

No Gemstones
At this stage we will not be taking pieces with gemstones unless you are not wanting to salvage/recuperate said stone (if it is cracked, broken or not of high value).

Minimum Weights
9CT GOLD = 3g

Processing Fees
Assay fee + refining fee + administrative fee
Silver $40. Gold $60.

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