Paperclip bracelet silver - ready to ship

$76.00 USD $95.00 USD

handle: paperclip-bracelet-silver-ready-to-ship

base_segment: -ready-to-ship

extended_segment: -ready-to-ship-

base_handle: paperclip-bracelet-silver

seg_length: 14

start_index: 25



1 piece in stock.

Available for orders between $1 - $2,000

The paperclip bracelet is a chunkylicious and sleek eye-catching chain, made with rectangular sterling silver links, wear it on its own or layered for extra bling.

Please bear in mind that every piece is handmade, therefore no two are alike - similar but unique.

  • Sterling Silver

  • Links are 11.2mm x 4.1mm (1.4mm wire)


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