Marguerite pendant gold - ready to ship

$332.00 NZD

handle: marguerite-necklace-gold-ready-to-ship

base_segment: -ready-to-ship

extended_segment: -ready-to-ship-

base_handle: marguerite-necklace-gold

seg_length: 14

start_index: 24



1 piece in stock.

Available for orders between $1 - $2,000

The marguerite pendant is a piece reminiscent of sunshine, fields of flowers and golden days. Each one featuring a freshwater pearl, this piece is hand sawn, filed, soldered and polished, for a completely unique daisy pendant ✿

Please bear in mind that every piece is handmade, therefore no two are alike - similar but unique.

  • Recycled 9 carat solid gold

NOTE: the ready to ship marguerite pendants come without a chain - to add a chain, please find our chain collection via this link

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