Rose Gold Signature Wave size K - Moissanites

770.00 AUD

handle: abricot-signature-stack-yellow-goldready-to-ship

base_segment: -ready-to-ship

extended_segment: -ready-to-ship-

base_handle: abricot-signature-stack-yellow-goldready-to-ship

seg_length: 14

start_index: 34



The signature wave is our original and most loved Amour ring, featuring a smooth rose gold band, enveloped by a wave-shaped arch featuring five sparkly moissanites. 

1 piece in stock.

Available for orders between $1 - $2,000

Wave arch: approx. 2.5mm wide band; 1.5mm thickness; 1.2mm dark orange sapphire, orange sapphire, yellow sapphire, light yellow sapphire, moissanite in flush setting.

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