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handle: classic-hoops-silver-reado-to-ship

base_segment: -ready-to-ship

extended_segment: -ready-to-ship-

base_handle: classic-hoops-silver-reado-to-ship

seg_length: 14

start_index: 20

addedHandle: classic-hoops-silver-reado-to-ship-ready-to-ship

rts_in_stock: false

The classic hoops are just the perfect everyday earrings which showcases a gorgeous chunky slice of recycled sterling silver, hammered and shaped with a raw & unpolished finish.

Please bear in mind that every piece is handmade, therefore no two are alike - similar but unique.

  • Recycled Sterling Silver

  • 30mm inner diameter

  • 1.5mm wire

Please bear in mind that every piece is made to order, please allow up to three weeks for your piece to be made to fit you perfectly, packaged and sent.

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